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Robert Robinson was a 16-year-old boy. A few weeks ago, his mother murdered him and then committed suicide.

The above is one headline from an article about Robert’s murder. Here are some others: 

"Distraught woman killed autistic son then took her own life"
Prince Rupert family’s ordeal ends in tragedy”
"Tragic deaths in Prince Rupert avoidable"

Does anyone else see a problem here?

In each and every one of these headlines, the mother is the victim. Her autistic son is an explanation, a reason she is sympathetic, an element in her tragic death. She killed him, and yet this is her tragedy. Some of the headlines don’t even bother mentioning his death!

When a neurotypical able-bodied child is murdered by their parents, the world is shocked and horrified. The memorials are for the child, not their killer. You’d certainly be hard-pressed to find a whole chorus of internet comments like the ones above. 

It’s terrible what happened to this mother who was just trying to help her son cope…

Robert would have never been able to live a real life and would require permanent care his entire life. His existence created an unimaginable emotional and financial burden for those who had to care for him, and this tragically became the end result.

For someone like him, what is the purpose of living?

Obviously nobody has a right to take someone else’s life but I only really feel badly for the mother. TBH, I think everyone would’ve been better off if he died earlier, including him.

This is what ableism looks like. This is what ableism looks like when it’s mobilized to defend murderers. This is, in the end, the price of ‘Autism Awareness’ campaigns which perpetuate the myth it prevents us from living a real life or from having value as human beings. 

This post is for Robert Robinson, Vincent Phan, and Damien Veraghen, all autistic children murdered by their caretakers in the past four months. Let’s grieve for them, children who another person decided had no value and no right to life. Children whose experiences were brutally cut short by their parents who made the choice to murder them. Children whose lives and deaths were diminished by a media who couldn’t bring themselves to describe these crimes in any language stronger than ‘tragedy’. 

I’m scared. I’m angry. And I know - I just know - it will happen again. 








oh my god I’ve reblogged this so many times and I’ve never noticed the cuts on his wrist.

this is very powerful okay this is just i don’t know but it is powerful okay.

i love this picture and that bothers me

it shouldn’t bother you though, i know there are cuts but its not meant to be sad :)

^^^^ We need to stop glorifying cutting. We need to stop making it seem like a beautiful thing. It IS sad and it SHOULD bother us. Its a mental disorder that we are normalizing. I have a 15 year old sister who started cutting herself and I had never been more sad that she didn’t think she could find a different way to deal with whatever she was going through. 

i’m not glorifying anything, i took a photo holding my ex girlfriends hand the day after i got out of hospital, i’m not trying to make it seem beautiful or anything and i would be the first person to say self harm is not normal.

so pls stop saying i’m romanticising and glorifying glorifying this when i’m not :)

^ I don’t think they’re talking about you specifically just the people who believe self harm to be okay and normal and even beautiful, they’re just telling the person above it isn’t okay for someone to think that this is beautiful and normal.

woah this post is intense

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